Circura is our fully connected, collaboration SaaS enterprise platform for care that is designed to meet the needs of seniors, caregivers and healthcare providers.  

Use any device to:

  • Record, monitor and track reminders using our in-residence device
  • Communicate among caregivers using HIPAA-compliant messaging 
  • Coordinate care activities using a collaborative calendar and notes
  • Create, track, and monitor care tasks
Circura Cloud.png

In a recent survey, over 65% of families would like updates on their loved ones' care. And yet, over 50% of families report that they only hear from providers in emergencies. Health care agencies and care providers are often inundated with calls or emails from families trying to get updates - adding extra staff and administration to handle the workload. 

This is where Circura comes in.

Circura is a comprehensive enterprise care management and family engagement and solution focused on improving care, collaboration and communication. Our goal is to create peace-of-mind for families and care providers by stream-lining daily care across communities and activities. Our true end-to-end platform guarantees HIPAA compliancy is designed for easy use by all users including seniors. 


Features Include:

  • Personalized Audio Reminders
  • Senior Friendly In-Home Device
  • HIPAA Compliant Secured Messaging
  • Shared Calendar
  • Event Invitations and Responses
  • Status Log
  • Medication Adherence
  • Document Library
  • Health Data Tracking & Charting
  • Task Tracking
  • Notes with Photo/Video Upload Options
  • Home Care Agency, Facilities & Caregiver’s Management & Collaboration Tools