Circura is our fully connected, collaboration SaaS enterprise platform for care that is designed to meet the needs of seniors, caregivers and healthcare providers.  The solution launched in the beginning of 2016 with several pilots. It includes a mobile and desktop applications to:

  • Record, monitor and track reminders, using our connected Rosie device
  • Communicate among caregivers using HIPAA compliant messaging via the desktop or mobile device
  • Coordinate care activities using a collaborative calendar and note
  • Create, track, and monitor care tasks

In a recent survey, over 65% of families would like updates on their loved ones' care. And yet, over 50% of families report that they only hear from providers in emergencies. Health care agencies and care providers are often inundated with calls or emails from families trying to get updates - adding extra staff and administration to handle the workload. 

This is where Circura comes in!

Circura is a comprehensive enterprise care management and family engagement and solution focused on improving care, collaboration and communication. Our goal is to create peace-of-mind for families and care providers by stream-lining daily care across communities and activities. Our true end-to-end platform guarantees HIPAA compliancy and easy adoption by all users - especially the senior!


Features Include:

  • Personalized Audio Reminders
  • Senior Friendly In-Home Device
  • HIPAA Compliant Secured Messaging
  • Shared Calendar
  • Event Invitations and Responses
  • Status Log
  • Medication Adherence
  • Document Library
  • Health Data Tracking & Charting
  • Task Tracking
  • Check In/Out
  • Notes with Photo/Video Upload Options
  • HCA, Facilities & Caregiver’s Management & Collaboration Tools