Val Ornoy - CEO

Over 18 years’ experience working in various aspects of technology, as a founder of 2 technology companies, and in a senior capacity with public companies such as Motorola and Vonage. Investor in several software start-ups, both as founder, investor and advisor. 


Gary Rotman - VP Channel Sales

25 years of experience in retail distribution in the timepiece industry, specifically timepieces with voice applications, RCCs (Radio Controlled Chips), GPS applications, LEDs and more. Gary oversaw development, manufacturing, packaging, sales, marketing, and logistics of the current product.


Eugene Loch – Chief Architect

Eugene Loch, BSME, MS (Tufts University), is the Chief Architect at Life Assist Technologies.  He has over 30 years of experience, and has produced 6 world-class products and consulted on the architecture of numerous software projects. 


Catherine Carhart – VP Product

While caring for her mother, Catherine wrote an early version of a daily care management application.

Catherine has 30 years of experience in software development and IT management.  She has had three successful startup exits, most notably selling her first company to Apple, and two fabulous kids. Catherine has a BA in Economics from Oberlin College.


Anthony Metzler – Director of Product & Customer Engagement

Anthony has over 10 years of experience as a product and engineering manager. He is passionate about designing innovative products and developing intuitive user experiences. Over the last 4 years he's worked on home care software and now continues his pursuit as a senior care technologist. He is also a caretaker for his elderly mini-schnauzer, Franz.


Dave Allen - Full Stack Engineer

Dave has over 10 years of experience as a software engineer and has worked with a variety of languages and frameworks.  His last project was creating a scientific modeling and simulation SaaS built on Meteor, React, and ParaView.


Hjalmer Danielson - Head of Marketing & Business Dev.

Hjalmer has worked in healthcare for the last 7 years with emphasis in enterprise solutions for Providers, Payers and related healthcare organizations. He attended University of Colorado, Boulder for his undergraduate degree and has an MBA from Saint Mary's College of Moraga, California.


Cheryl Shelmadine, Ph.D. – Senior Project Manager

Cheryl is a passionate entrepreneur and a founding member of Kaiser’s Patient and Family Care Advisory Board. She holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology from UC Berkeley  in conjunction with the Haas School of Business. Her research concentrates on the impact of enterprise technology solutions.


Max - Chief Morale Officer

Max loves long walks on the beach at Funston. He supervises all departments within the organization to ensure morale remains as high as possible while his dedicated teammates work diligently to improve our service and users experience.