LifeAssist's Technology Enables Dynamic & Integrated
Connections That Bridge Silos Between People and Data.


Our CareTech represents innovative, secure, simple-to-use solutions that promote connectivity and engagement between caregivers, families and care recipients. 

                      Any Time!

                                               Any Place!



Post-Acute Care

We provide a HIPAA compliant care platform and devices for integrated care delivery, data sharing, and visibility to increase patient engagement and reduced avoidable readmission. 

Long-Term Care

We provide Long-Term Care providers with an Enterprise Solution to reduce cost, increase efficiencies of care, and enhanced family and caregiver engagement. 

Personal Senior Care

We have a  Personal Solution for Seniors and their families seeking medical adherence, reminders and independence at home. 


Our solutions empower dynamic care circles that ensure health data and activities are monitored in real-time so caregivers can coordinate and communicate to provide effective and proactive care.