LifeAssist's innovative care platform and in-home devices connects the people and data to create a dynamic care circle. Our solution's features enable collaboration and data sharing that provide visibility and care management for aging-in-place and post-acute care scenarios.


Question: How does the LifeAssist solutions (Circura + Rosie) integrate into existing systems that are currently running at my organization?

Answer: LifeAssist is an open platform, our mission and the architecture of Circura + Rosie is one of easy connectivity and integration.


Question: How is health data captured, collected, and managed from the multitude of IoT devices, remote monitoring equipment or various wearables that a patient or client may have?



Question: What does the persistent in-home device (Rosie) provide that a tablet or Bluetooth enabled technology doesn’t already provide?

Answer: LifeAssist's Rosie device provides a persistent in-home presence that makes it easy to capture care records, notes, medication adherence, and health data from all those within the care circle. The Rosie device is powered by the Circura platform, which supports mobile access to the care circle and connectivity to outside devices, vendors, and data.

· In-home device provides a convenient method for caregivers to enter care information

· Rosie is a hub for IoT health devices and makes it easy for logging health data

· Provides a way to instantly send alerts and reminders to the client's home

· Facilitates a quick and efficient workflow for all care providers without the risks and difficulties of other methods


Question: Describe how LifeAssist addresses avoidable Post-Acute readmission issues?

Answer: We solve the prominent and expensive avoidable 30 day readmission problem. LifeAssist delivers a HIPAA compliant care platform and devices to Health Systems for integrated care delivery, communication, data sharing, and visibility into the home and any post-acute care facilities, or residence. 

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Question: Can LifeAssist remedy isolation and increase social engagement…as they are significant issues that affect health, cognitive and physical functions of our clients/patients.