LifeAssist's innovative care platform and in-home devices connects the people and data to create a dynamic care circle. Our solution's features enable collaboration and data sharing that provide visibility and care management for aging-in-place and post-acute care scenarios.


Question: How does the Circura integrate into existing systems that are currently running at my organization?

Answer: Circura is a standalone platform that provides care tasks, medication, and shift management functionality that can be utilized independently of other software solutions. LifeAssist's technology values connecting healthcare data and devices, so we offer data exports and an increasing number of integrations. We are constantly pursuing partnerships and seeking deeper integration with other technologies.


Question: How is health data captured, collected, and managed from the multitude of IoT devices, remote monitoring equipment or various wearables that a patient or client may have?

Answer: LifeAssist has currently established integrations with over 150+ devices and that list is constantly growing. Health data can also be entered into Circura.


Question: What does the smart in-home device provide that a tablet or mobile device doesn’t already provide?

Answer: Circura's smart device provides a persistent in-home presence, which makes it easy to record care tasks, notes, medication adherence, and health data. The device features an enhanced speaker and microphone for improved voice and reminder functionality.

Since the device is connected to the internet it provides mobile access to those within the care circle (permissions based). 


Question: How does Circura help address avoidable re-admissions?

Answer: We help prevent avoidable re-admissions by facilitating remote monitoring of care delivery and communication between providers & family. By providing all those in the care circle visibility into the home, ability to share care data, and fostering collaboration on health requirement we ensure that patients are properly monitoring after a release.

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Question: Can LifeAssist remedy isolation and increase social engagement…as they are significant issues that affect health, cognitive and physical functions of our clients/patients.



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