Circura Care Collaboration Platform

Unifying health care professionals, caregivers and families for better care journeys. 

Today's new models of care focus on maintaining health and preventing acute illness. To be successful, everyone on a care team must be able to collaborate any time, from anywhere, regardless of patient location.  We designed the Circura™ platform to connect patients, providers and caregivers across a fragmented care delivery system, so that everyone enjoys visibility into in-home care and access to the right experts at the right time. 

What we are: A cloud-based solution that powers Dynamic Care Circles.™  DCC’s are HIPAA-compliant, permission-based private networks that empower families, patients, caregivers and health professionals to communicate in real time, from anywhere, at any point in the care journey.  DCC’s can include health data, care plans and their tasks, group communications over time, and photos.  Over time, DCC's become complete and personalized information hubs that complement and integrate with E.H.R.’s  

Why choose the Circura Suite:  For group communication that’s more secure than texting, less confusing than email threads, and, unlike E.H.R’s, open to all relevant care circle members. DCC’s offer:

•       Complete visibility into in-home care

•       Centralized “home base” for all communications

•       Aggregation of fragmented health and care data

•       Caregiver support resources

•       Simplicity to be up and running in seconds

circura composite.png

For Health Systems 

Reduce avoidable readmissions through integrated care delivery and collaboration.  Eliminate care continuity gaps and view health and care data gathered in-home.  Organize essential information in doctor-friendly formats.

For Home Care Agencies

Smooth transitions between family and professional caregivers. Increase staff engagement and differentiate your agency.  Create a 24/7 picture of what happens in the home.        White-label new services to clients, creating new revenue opportunities.  

For Patients and Seniors

Provide patients/seniors and their families with medical adherence, personalized reminders, and other features that support living independently. 

Our Dynamic Care Circles enable real-time care monitoring and engagement.